The idea for the concept of the Museum of Modern Music "MMM" came from observing a significant increase in the listening of music and as a result rapidly expanding circle of listeners who consider music an important part of life. In addition, the number of discussions on musical topics is growing swiftly among music listeners. Often, however, the average listener lacks basic knowledge of music theory, and this leads to misunderstandings and fruitless discussions on the subject. The goal of "MMM" is to introduce such a user to a wide range of genres and sub-genres of modern music over a period of 100 years (from 1920 to 2020). MMM is a cognitive center based on graphical systems that incorporate different ways of learning. The spaces are filled with user-friendly systems that help to get to know and understand the differences of varied music genres and sub-genres, their origin and influence on each other, nonetheless visual trends.


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Mixed Media

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